do you want to earn money online with zero investment.

there are many online platforms are available in theses days who allow us to do online earning with zero balance.

We all are living in the 21st century but we are not much aware of the online platform who really help us to make money online.

Today am going to tell you some real and genuine ways where you can definitely earn money.

How to make money online?

I think many people search for this thing on the internet and many web pages open with details to start online earning.

Earn 15,000 per month by sitting at home in India.

Below are some methods to do online earning with zero investment.

  • Affiliate marketing
Yes, this is the best and most favourite methods of all bloggers and YouTubers to earn money from this platform.


How these methods work?

Well, imagine that you have a website or youtube channel and you make content regarding the latest brands like clothes and mobiles.

Then you can promote that product in the video by sponsorship or give a link to by that product with your code.

When someone buys that product you can get the commission.
  • Youtube
You will definitely know about this app. yeah where you can watch so man videos in a day.

You can also earn money from this and I swear you can earn more your expectations. Just create your channel and start to show your talent with the audience.

This is a free platform and you cant need to invest in this. Just find out your talent and make videos to earn money online by sitting at home.
  • Fiverr
This is a popular freelancer brand where millions of people enrol a per month. if you have any skill then make your profile and write your talent in the description.

This is also a free lifetime product and you no need to invest money on this.

Moreover, you can get all the payment in advance.
  • Data entry jobs
In these days many online platforms are available who hire online workers instead of offline.

They want to save money and complete their work from online people and you can get a large amount of money.

You can get this type of work on Fiverr, freelancer, freelancer and Upwork platforms.
  • Blog
If you want to earn more even your expectations then I swear this is the best and the best way to earn money online.

You can use blogger platform which the google platform and you can use this free of cost.


These methods are really exits and 100 per cent genuine to make money online. You need to just work hard up to 2-3 months to start earning.

You can also search these methods on youtube to get more information on the details.

Share this article with your friends and relative so they can also know about these online platforms to earn money online.

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