Earn 15,000 per month by sitting at home in india.

How to earn money online in India. Everyone wants to make money online, and that's to be sitting at home.
This is an easy and genuine way to earn money online. Nowadays, many online platforms are available, which pays you money online.

You have just knowledge about that work to earn money online, There many exist who want to earn money online, but they have no experience with that thing.

Today I will be sharing my own experiences with you, how I earn money online, and how you can make money online with my instructions.

Read this article very carefully and follow all my instructions to earn money online in India while sitting at home.

earn money online

How to earn money online?

You can earn money online in different ways. Below is some highly recommended platform that really pays money to you.

  • Blogging
  • Youtube
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Reselling Products


Blogging is a highly recommended option for everyone, and that is because it is an easy and straightforward process to start a blog.

Here you can share your own talent with the worldwide audience and earn money online.

In blogging, you can develop your own brand in the world, and you can get fame in less time.

Blogging Potential in these days.

 Platform   Money               Work                 Investment 
 Blog     You can 
  earn 1,000 
  rupees per 
  Write a 2-3
  post on blog 
  In a month
    You can start
   this with Zero


We all are using this platform in our daily routine to watch videos and entertain ourselves.

But the exciting thing is we can earn money online with this platform and that to be sitting at home.

Don't waste your time and start work on this platform to earn a significant amount of money in a short time.

Affiliate marketing

We can earn more money in less time with the help of affiliate marketing.

In this platform, we can share products with our friends, and we can earn a profit when they brought those products from our links.

We can share online products like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and many other online platforms.


You can also earn more money with the help of online platforms.

Many largest companies provide online surveys to know the basic needs of the common man.

So they call the people to come on their site and submit essential information on that site.

Reselling products

You can also earn money online by reselling products online, and that's to be with your own online shop.

Yes, you can also earn money online by open your online shop.

You can set your own margin and resell the product in your own profit.

Here are two sites where you can earn money online by reselling products. 

These are the best part-time and full-time jobs for everyone to earn money online in India.

You have to work a little bit hard to earn money from these platforms.

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