Youtube Shorts: Launch in the last of 2020 to compete tiktok with Shorts.

As we know, youtube is the biggest platform of google, and it has around 2 Billion users over the world. Youtube starts his career on 14 February 2005, and now it has 2 billion users, but on the other hand, TikTok was found in 2012, and it has 800 million users in a short time. So that's why youtube launched Youtube shorts to rival TikTok.

What is Youtube shorts?

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Youtube shorts is a platform in which you will be able to upload your shorts videos on this platform, just like TikTok. Youtube shorts also give features to you to use all kinds of music. We think Youtube shorts also look like youtube.

Duration time of uploading videos on Youtube shorts?

We definitely not sure about it but think Youtube named his new app as Youtube shorts, so Shorts Describe The limit of time from 3 seconds to 1 minute.

Why Youtube shorts?

YouTube also feels that the TikTok is trying to spoil its user because most of the people are spending their time on Tiktok instead of Youtube. Moreover, So man youtube users share their small clips on TikTok to get famous on TikTok and increase their views on youtube by share their videos link. So, Keeping this in mind, YouTube has decided to launch YouTube shorts.

What are the benefits of Youtube shorts?

There are so many rumours about youtube shorts. Some say You can start monetisation on this platform in fewer followers. You can choose different types of music on this platform.

How to earn money from Youtube Shorts?

You can earn money from Youtube Shorts by monetising your videos and get sponsorship from different types of brand.

When youtube launch this youtube shorts?

According to the rumours, Youtube starts Youtube shorts in the last of 2020. Now we are waiting for this new fantastic app which called youtube shorts.

Youtube gives this feature in the youtube app or launches a different app?

Well, there is no more information about this. We cannot say anything before youtube post a new article about youtube shorts.

What you think about this brand new youtube app. Leave your comments below and share your own suggestions with us.

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