Shop101: Open your online shop in 10 minutes and earn 35,000 per month !

Today I have brought you an app that runs from your mobile and you do not need a laptop. The name of this app is Shop 101. We have cross-checked and it is 100% real app.

It is an Indian company. Cannot open your offline shop without spending a single penny because you also get to store or fill goods in your offline shop in shop 101 shop but there are more than 5000 items of purchase.

If you want 50, if you want to pick up 1000 items from the shop of offline bullet shop of 101, you can show it in your free offline shop and if you want 100 items, you can also sell them for ₹ 500 and all your profit will be given to you every Friday.


All payment Securely transfer to the Indian Savings Bank account. Whatever profit you earn from this offline shop, it will be that if you request your friends or acquaintances or relatives to come to Shop 101 and open your online shop for free.

when Those people will come and open offline shop by register on shop 101, then you get a commission on every registration and when any goods are sold on their offline shop, you will get commission automatic Will to be charged.

the other people who will come from your reference to open an offline shop in Shop 101 and earn it, you will also get their profit out of that, it is said that the five heads in ghee.


You can open a great shop online by sitting in any village town of India. I will still show you how to open your shop in just 10 minutes by taking it to your mobile phone screen.

What is Shop101?

Shop101 is India's leading social commerce platform which enables entrepreneurs to sell online as well as on WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram with zero investment by providing an online store in less than 2 minutes.

How Shop101 works?

It allows their user to collect items and sell in their own shop which they make on Shop101. It depends on you how much margin you want in one item.

How to use Shop101 on your mobile phone?

  • Now follow my below instructions step by step and I will tell you how you can create an account and how you can open your online shop in just 10 minutes.

  • First of all, open your play store and search Shop101.
  • Then click on the first option and install Shop101 on your mobile. 


  • Now open this app and run on your mobile.
  • Now you can see a new interface where this app tells about their features.
  • Then click on Start earning and it asks about your mobile number.
  • Simply enter your mobile number and click on the continue option.


  • Now fill some details about you and choose your language and click on start reselling option.
  • Now you can see the Shop101 homepage where too many products are available.

How to open own shop in Shop101?

  • Now you can see three lines on the top left bar and click on it.
  • Now click on view and edit profile.
  • Enter your and shop name which you want to display with your customers.
  • Select gender, occupation and enter your date of birth.
  • Then click on the submit option.


  • Now your shop is created and you can see it by simply click on the link.

How to add products in Shop101?

  • Now come back on the shop101 homepage and you can see too many products.
  • Click on any product which you want to add your own shop.
  • Now you can see all the details of your product.
  • Now click on Add to Website.


  • Now, this product adds to your own shop.

How to set a margin on products in Shop101?

  • Now again click on three lines on the top left bar.
  • Scroll down and you can see a Others option.
  • Simply click on the seller panel.

  • Now you can view your online shop by click on the above link.
  • Now scroll down and you can see four different options.
  • Simply click on Your Products.


  • Now you can see your products list.
  • Click on the edit option to set your own margin.
  • Scroll down and you can see Retail shop price where you can enter your own price.


  • Then click on the save option.

The second way to earn money from shop101.

  • You can also earn money from the referral code in Shop101.
  • Now click on three lines and you can see refer and earn option.
  • Simply click on it and share that code with your friends on social sites.
  • When they join with your refer then you can get 50,000 Rupees commission from shop101.


How to redeem money from Shop101?

  • This app transfer money every Friday so you can add own bank details in shop101.
  • Click on three lines on the left top bar and you can see Your earning option.
  • Simply click on it and add your bank details.
  • Add your account name and number.
  • Add your IFSC code and click on enter your bank details.


My view points on Shop101 app.

Shop101 is the best part-time earning app which allows open your own shop and sell products with your own margin. This is 100 percent genuine app and you can earn how much you want. Shop101 transfer your payment every friday in your bank account. This is an indian app and work on people expectations.

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