Toluna: how to make $457 dollars with toluna surveys.

Hello friends, today I have brought a new part-time earning app for you so that you people can sit in the house very easily and earn in dollars. This app is very simple and easy that everyone can do it.

What is toluna?

Toluna is a U.S based website and it has a headquarter in India. This is a simple and easiest app that can be used by everyone. Give your input to leading brands on their latest products and services, and in return receive points redeemable for gift vouchers, cool products, or even cash. This app provides different types of task and you can earn money by completing those tasks.


What type of tasks is available on toluna?

  • Well, there are too many tasks are available on toluna app.
  • Toluna surveys.
  • Participate in polls.
  • referral.
  • play games

Toluna features?

- Connect with people who share the same views as you and debate with those who don’t
- Influence big brands by answering short surveys
- Earn points and treat yourself by redeeming them for great rewards and even cash
- Continue the conversation on social media and share your polls and topics on Facebook or Twitter
- Snap photos on the go and create quick polls to see what the community thinks

Toluna influencers?

Toluna Influencers are everyday people just like you, connected to many via multiple digital media channels including our online community. As a Toluna Influencer, you are empowered to transform the products and services that matter to you! Share your opinion by answering our surveys, inspire change in real-time.

Qualification to use this app?

Well, there is no need for qualification to use this app. This toluna app can be used by everyone qualified or not.

Is toluna legit?

Well, the answer is yes. I cross-checked this app and I think this is the best way to earn money online by sitting at home. Toluna app provides some tasks to you and you can get money in your bank account.

Toluna rewards?

Earn points for every online survey you completed. Redeem points for Paypal cash, Amazon or Flipkart e-vouchers. Daily Lottery – You could win 1,000,000 Toluna points (It's worth about INR 10,000).

How to sign up in toluna?

  • This is a very easy process to create an account on toluna.
  • Search in the search bar and homepage of this website will be open.
  • Now you can see three options(about, log in and sign up) on the top bar.
  • You just simply click on Sign up the option to create an account on toluna.


  • Now enter your first and last name.
  • Then enter the Date of Birth and select your gender.
  • Provide your valid Email address and select your country.
  • Enter your zip code and Enter a password.
  • Now provide a phone number and click on Agree conditions.
  • At last click on the submit button.


  • After completing all the above process this toluna website sent an Email link on your email account.
  • You can open your email account and see a confirmation message in the inbox to confirm your account.
  • Click on Verify your email.


  • Now you can see a welcoming page and click on start now option to continue the next steps.
  • Now click on take survey option.
  • This toluna website collects some information about you to show surveys according to your interest.
  • Now select your education level.


  • Now enter your yearly income and select employment.
  • Shopping and select children below 18 in your home.
  • The number of people in your house and provide your address.
  • This is about you and completes all these tasks.

Step 1. How to earn money from a toluna?

  • Toluna survey.
  • This is the best way to earn a large amount of money from toluna. This is easy and simple.
  • Now completing all processes, you can see a new interface of the toluna website.
  • You can see a Start survey option on this page.
  • Simply click on this option.


  • Now add some information about you on this toluna app.
  • You can fill all these forms without any hesitation because this is absolutely safe and you can earn up to 4200 points in a minute.

The second way to earn money with the toluna app.

  • The game option is the second way to earn money from a toluna.
  • You can see Community option on the top bar and click on it.
  • Select Games option on this bar.
  • Now spin this wheel and you can earn up to 1000 points in 2 seconds.
  • Click on the play option to earn.


The third way to earn money.

  • Go to community option on the top bar and select the poll options.
  • Here you can participate in polls and earn up to 100 points in 5 seconds.
  • This the best way to earn money and you can also participate in topics and battles option.

The fourth way to earn money from toluna.

  • Referral... This is the best and easiest way to earn money without doing anything.
  • You can refer to this website or app with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social platforms.
  • If you have a small friend circle then join facebook groups related to this niche.
  • Then share a link on those groups who really interested or found that type app.


How to redeem money from toluna?

  • You can three options on the top bar on the toluna website.
  • Click on the Reward option and you can see the different types of options to redeem your money.
  • You can select any option to get money but I recommended your PayPal option because it is a faster and easy way to get money.

My opinion.

This is the best part-time earning app for everyone who wants to earn money in their free time. I cross-check this app and I found no issue. I recommend it to everyone to earn money at home if they are students, housewives, and farmers. This is a free earning app and you can use this toluna app or website with zero investment.

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