Paidera: Earn 1100 rupess daily with short surveys.

Friends have so much inflation nowadays that it is very important to have some extra income. If you do a job, then your salary never meets your needs. If you are a student you have a lot of expenses. There is one app that fulfills your all needs and the name of that app is Paidera.

How much money will you take from your parents? You should definitely have some part-time earning which you can do comfortably from a mobile phone without disturbing your studies. Apart from this, if you are a housewife, you work at home but you also want some extra income.

In today's article, I have brought an international site for you, which we have cross-checked. From this, you can earn a lot from your mobile phone by sitting at home, the entire payment comes in your account and anyone can work on it, even if you are 10th, you are more qualified no matter what age you are.


You are 18 years old or 58 years old you can earn with Paidera at home. There is no joining fee. At any stage, you are not asked for a single penny on this app. In this app there are small surveys in which you have to participate, you get paid for it.

Apart from this, by coming up on this site, you get small and many other tasks, such as installing an app, you get money on your mobile phone.

Apart from this, it is the only one such dedicated international website that earns more money from part-time referrals, that is if you refer people you know and they also run this site on your mobile phone or laptop. Then you can earn money without doing anything.

You can earn money in the US dollar. It is also safely saved in your Indian Savings Bank account.

What is

Paidera is a rather new get paid to (GPT) website that is opened worldwide and anyone can join the site and start earning a passive income. This app provides some simple tasks to earn money online like surveys, download apps and refer this app to friends.

Is paidera legit or not?

Well according to me, I cross-check this app and I found it is a very interesting app to earn money. Tasks are so easy on this website. I think this is a legit app.

How to create an account on

Now follow my below instructions to start earning on this app.

Now open your browser and search in the search bar or simply click on this link to directly redirect on this website.

Now, you can see the homepage of the paidera app and simply click I want to create an account.

create an account
  • Now enter your First and last name to sign up in
  • Then choose a unique username and enter an Email address.
  • Now create your password and then click on Sign up - and create my account.


  • Now, this website sent a link to your Gmail account to confirm this email. 
  • Now your account has been created and you can use this app as earning.
  • Now enter your Email address and password to log in in paidera.
  • Then click on Sign in option.


  • Now you log in this website and start earning.

How to earn from

  • Now you will be redirected on the paidera website where you already earn $0.5000 to register on this website.
  • Now you can see some task options on the left sidebar.
  • Simply click on task 1.

  • Now you can see Earn 19 cents with this survey. simply click on it.
  • Now it asks for some information about you like your postal code, date of birth, your occupation and some other information.
  • This information helps this app because you can get tasks according to your bion so fill this information without any hesitation.
  • After completing this task you can open all tasks and earn more cents.


The second way to earn from paidera.

  • Now you can see Survey option on the left sidebar. This is the best method to earn more dollars.
  • Now click on surveys option to start earning.
  • Then click on Take survey.


  • Now you will be redirected on a new window.
  • Then click on Start survey to earn dollars.
  • This app gathers some information with a survey and fills tick on the favorite option.


The third way to earn from Paidera.

  • This is the best way to earn money without doing anything.
  • You can earn by Referal code. Share your code on social sites and earn dollars.
  • ( 1 REFFERAL = 7 RUPEES) If 100 downloads this app with your refer code then you earn 700.
  • (1000*7 = 7,000) It depends upon you how much you share your referral code.


How to redeem money from paidera?

  • You can redeem money from this app with the Paypal account.
  • You need a minimum of $20 to redeem your payment.
  • Now go to the payment settings.
  • Enter your name and PayPal email address.
  • Then choose your threshold.
  • Then click on add payment information.


My opinion.

This is the best part-time earning app for students and housewives. I cross-check this app and I earn more than my expectations. This app is easy to use and everyone can run this app on their mobile phone as well as a laptop. 

Share this post with your friends and on social media so they can also earn money from this paidera app.

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