earn $500 per month by sitting at home.

Today, I will tell you about the part-time earning site, its name is is based in the USA. It pays money in US dollars. You can do this by sitting on your mobile phone in any village town in India. You know Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, ETC.... you can work in your mother tongue and earn fast from Hub app.

How to earn money on this website?

Till date, 45000 people have posted 1000000 articles sitting in their homes all over the world and on top of which 300 million people come every month and read these articles, ads are coming on these articles from Google Ad-sense and people who have These articles are published as you will, I will also show you to earn thousands of dollars and take them home.

It is not necessary to speak or know English, all the work is done through mobile phones and money comes in US dollars and whatever you earn is safely saved in your Indian savings bank account, I tell you that you have to work if you are English It is very good. I understand that you may not know well in English. You can write in your mother tongue, like in Bengali, in Hindi, in Punjabi, in Telugu or in any Indian language.

whether you are doing a small business, you have a routine, you get up every morning and lots of events in your 1 day till evening. It happens every day that you have to write a one-page article in your mother tongue, after that I will tell you how to write one page in your mother tongue.

How to translate mother tongue into English?

You have to translate in English on your mobile phone with a translation app named Google Translate. Now copy that translated article on this website.

How to create an account on this website?

  • Well, this is a very important process for everyone to create an account on this website. You cannot use this website without an account. 
  • Now I will show you how to create an account. This is a very simple and easy step.
  • Now search in the search bar or click on this link to redirect on this website homepage.
  • Now you can click on start writing option.


  • Now a new page will be open and you can see a form where you can fill some details about you.
  • Enter your name, email address, password and click on sign up option.


  • Now, this website sent an mail to your email address to verify your account.
  • Open your email and click on that link to confirm your account.
  • Now you will be redirect on a new page and this website give some options to complete your profile.
  • Upload a profile picture and write some details about you.


  • After completing all the tasks, you can see your profile on a new page.
  • Here you can see everything about you. 
  • Now you can see Write article on top bar click on this option.


  • Now choose a title for your article because it is the main keyword for your articles. Then choose a topic which you like the most and where you write something about it.
  • Then choose the starting layout. If you are new then choose the Basic layout.
  • Then fill a captcha and click on continue option.

  • Now write an article on this website. If you don't know English then translate your article from google translate and then paste on this website.
  • Hubpages team reviews your article in 48 hours and then they publish that article on their website.

How to redeem money from this website?

  • Now click on More option the top bar and you can see an earning option.
  • You can see a Paypal account option and click on it.
  • Now, this website asks you to enter your Paypal account email to withdraw earning from this website.

Things to remember while doing work on this website.

  • Never copy-paste other articles on this website if to do so they delete your account or cant publish your articles on this website.
  • You need to write at least 10 articles on this website to start earning from Google AdSense.
  • It depends on you to write 10 articles in a day or in 10 days.

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My opinion.

This is the best website for everyone who wants to earn money in their free time. I cross-check this website and I found not any type of spam. You can use this website without any hesitation.

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