icici foundation: Learn free and get good job in any top companies.

icici foundation: Friends, you all know that ICICI Bank comes in the top banks of the world and everyone wants to work in it to earn a good salary. Today I will easily tell you the whole process so that you can also earn. That method is named ICICI Foundation. 

What is an icici foundation?

Icici foundation is a platform that runs the world's largest private bank whose name is ICICI bank. This particular training center can teach you some skills which are important for you to get a job in this platform. Moreover, This guarantees that you will get a 100% job in this field.

icici foundation

How to learn this course?

Well, this course is very easy and simple to learn. It depends on you on how many days you finish this course.
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The period of this course?

This course takes 2-3 months to learn all the skills and get a good income job.

How much investment to learn this course?

Well, you will become happy when you heard this course is absolutely free and you get a chance to get a job in that company where you learn this course.

qualification is necessary to learn this course?

The answer is No. this course is for everyone.

What types of skills you learn in this course?

Well, these below skills are very important to learn and get a good job.
  • Selling
  • retail selling
  • administrative
  • electrical repair
  • refrigeration ac repair
  • water pumps repair
  • beauty therapy 

How to register in this course?

  • Now I will show you everything on my laptop and as well as on my mobile phone, so follow the below process to register.
  • Now open your browser and search icici foundation in the search bar.
  • Now you can see the URL of this website and click on that.
  • A homepage of the icici foundation will be open.

icici foundation
  • Now you can see three lines in the top bar simply click on that option.
  • Now you can see too many options but you click on the course offered option.

icici foundation
  • Here you can see locations and skills which you want to learn.
  • You just go there and learn the free courses and get a job in top companies.

icici foundation
location and course

  • This course opens new horizons and changes the luck of anyone.
  • On this page, you can see age groups and course duration.
  • You just need 2 passport size photos and address proof like adhaar card or passport.

icici foundation
  • This course can be done by 10th pass or less.
  • This opportunity is more beneficial for those who belong to a poor family and learn something new to earn money.
  • This center is found in every state and gets a good chance to learn in 3 months or less.

How to get more information?

  • This platform provides a customer care number where you can call and clear you're all doubt.
  • You can call them and get knowledge in your own language.

How to open this website on a mobile phone?

  • Most people use mobile and they get all the knowledge on their mobile.
  • Now open your browser and search ICICI foundation.
  • You can enter icicifoundation.org directly in your search bar.
  • You can see the homepage of that website.

icici foundation

  • Now follow all the preview procedure to get more information.

My opinion.

  • This is the best way to learn free skills and get a job in top companies. This is 100 percent genuine and this website has no scam yet.

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