Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.

Helo app: earn 500 rupees daily: Friends, today you are getting a very good opportunity with which you can earn 100 to 500 rupees from home.

This is a very easy job which everyone can do and earn 500 daily. The name of that app is the Helo app where you can earn.

What is a Helo app?

Helo is an Indian social app where you can share some viral content and daily news with your friends. You can make new friends, and read new quotes, wishes, and Bollywood news.

You can also earn money from this platform. This is a free app and you can earn money with zero investment.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.

How to earn money from the helo app?

There are some methods to earn money from this application. This platform provides small tasks, which you can do easily in 10 to 20 minutes and earn pocket money daily.
  • You can earn money by doing some online tasks.
  • You can a referral code and share it with your friends. You can get 25 rupees if one person downloads this app via your referral code.

How to download this app?

  • Now open your play store and search helo in the search bar.
  • Now the helo app interface will be open.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
Helo app

  • Click on install and application will start downloading.
  • When this application installed on your mobile phone you can click on the open option.
  • Now, this app asks you to select your language.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
Select language
  • This app provides different types of languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali and much more.
  • You can select your mother tongue language.

How to earn?

  • Now you can see a money sign on the top bar.
  • Click on that sign.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
How to earn

  • Now before starting earning you just log in first in this app.
  • Now simply click on the login option.
  • Now enter your mobile number or you can sign up with Facebook, twitter, Google and tik tok account.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
Choose to sign up
  • Now it asks for your date of birth.
  • Enter your date of birth and click on the OK option.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
Select the date of birth

  • Now a one time password will be sent on your mobile number.
  • Enter Four-digit one time password.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
Enter one-time password
  • Now a new page will be redirected and choose a username.
  • Select your gender.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
Choose username
  • Now your account has been created.
  • You got 100 coins in your account and you can convert these coins into rupees.
  • Now you can see earn 25 rupees option.
  • Click on this.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
Earn rupees
  • Now you can refer to your friend and earn.
  • Now come back to the homepage where you can see too many earning options.
  • You can get 500 coins if you share a post.
  • If you start following other people you can also earn 500 coins.

Helo app: Earn 500 rupees daily.
Earning options
  • You can do all these tasks and earn pocket money from this app.

How to redeem money?

  • This is an amazing app where there are limitations to withdraw money.
  • You can withdraw 1 rupee in your Paypal account.
  • You can see the withdraw option on the top bar and fill your PayPal account number and withdraw money.

How to earn more money from this app?

  • There is only one best way to earn money and that is referred to like your friends.
  • If you have some friends then join Facebook groups where you can get touch with thousands of people and share your link.
  • If 1000 people download this app with your referral code then you can earn 25,000 without doing anything.

My opinion.

This is a genuine app where you can earn and withdraw your money without any problem.

This is the best platform for students and housewives to generate pocket money in a day.


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