Earn money by watching video ads.

Earn money by watching video ads.

  • Yes, you can earn instant money by watching video ads. You simply go to some websites which give you a lot of money for watching small clips of video ads. Nowadays everyone searches this thing on how to earn money by watching video ads, now everyone waiting is over in this article because they earn money by watching small video ads. These ads are basically up to 1-2 minute long and you earn 1 dollar per watch. You can watch video ads from too many websites but the genuine website is Microworkers.com, where the new task will be added on a daily bases. In this website, too many companies participate and upload their tasks like, Watching video ads, comment on the blog, survey any website, Watch the youtube video, Open website, Visit new blogs and many more tasks who allow you to earn money in minutes. You can start working with zero investment.
Earn money by watching video ads.

About microworkers.com?

  • This an international company which is situated in the U.S.A and main this is this website is genuine and very well secured. This website uploads new content for those people who want to earn money. This website gives a small task to everyone to earn money in 1-2 minutes.
  • You can also read a new article about Amazon Mechanical Turk.

How to sign up in the Microworker.com?

  • Here you just need some basic things to register on this website.
  • You need a personal email address.
  • You only create an account at once, if you create multiple accounts then this website blocks all accounts of yours.

Now follow the basics instructions below.

  • Now you can open your personal browser.
  • Now search Micoworker.com in the search bar.
  • A  Homepage will be open to Microworker.com.
  • You can see four options on the top right corner.
  • Now click on Register option.

Earn money by watching video ads
Homepage of Microworker.com

  • Now a new page will be open and here are some details you should fill to register on this website.
  • Enter your First and last name.

  • Keep in mind, you can create an account only once time so fill these details carefully.

  • You can skip the middle name.
  • Now fill your company name if you have otherwise you may skip this step.
  • Now fill your date of birth.
  • Enter a unique password.

Earn money by watching video ads
How to fill sign up form in Microworkers.com

  • Now Micrworkers.com sends some information regarding your payment so be careful while filling your address details. You can always fill your permanent address to receive emails in the future.

  • Now fill your address in the column.
  • Enter zip code and select your city.
  • Now select state and country of Residence.

  • Now you can skip Employer Subscription.
 API Updates
Tick the relevant box if you don't want to subscribe to email notification.

  • Now you can tick all three options on Worker subscription.
  • Now click on the submit option.

Earn money by watching video ads
How to fill mailing address in Microworker.com
  • Now you will be redirected on the second option where email confirmation sent to your mail.
  • Open the email and verify your account. 
Earn money by watching video ads
Confirm your email address

  • A new page will be open on Microworkers.com.
  • Now simply click on Activate your account.
  • Now you see an interface of this website where your account has been created and it wishes you congratulations.

Earn money by watching video ads

Earn money by watching video ads
Account has been created
  • Now your account has been created and you can click on the job option in the top left bar.
  • Now you can do a different type of task like Survey, watch the video or much more.
Earn money by watching video ads
Find jobs

  • You can choose your favorite task and then start work on that.
  • These tasks will be renewed after the next day and new tasks add on daily bases.
  • You can see too many options where you can get money in 1 minute.
  • You can work that task than send screenshots to the company and they give you payment.
  • You can do multiple tasks at once.

How to get payments.

  • You click on the withdraw option on the top bar and a new page will be open.
  • A pin will be mailed on your current address which you provide earlier.
  • After confirming the address you can get your payments.

My opinion.

  • This website is 100 percent free and you can register yourself absolutely by zero investment. On this website, anyone can do work because it is very simple and easy. This is the best part-time job platform.



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