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How to make money with shutter stock?

These days, everyone wants to earn money sitting at home and they search the internet day and night. Today I will tell you a very easy way by which you can earn thousands of money sitting at home, without any hard work. The thing you can make money from is the shutter stock contributor. With this app, you have to sit at home and upload pics to earn money. Moreover, this is the best part-time job for students, housewives, and others who interested in the job.

About Shutterstock contributor?

  • This is an international website and situated in New York City. this is a popular website across the world and too many people know about this site in India. here you can do an only simple thing to earn money with this site. On this website, more than 5,00,000 contributor work and sell pics on this website. In this site, you can register yourself absolutely free and you don't have any type of experience to register in this application.

What basic needs required to earn money from this site?

  • You just need a rear camera of your smartphone to capture beautiful pics of any object like flowers, historical buildings, automobiles, Indian food, and roads. Moreover, you can upload your own pics if you don't have any type of objection. 
  • Now the most important thing you need a Paypal account to get paid because Paypal is a secure and safe way to get money from foreign countries.

How much you can earn from this website?

There is soo many companies work with shutter stock and they always need a different type of picture for their advertisement. They select a pic which they like and give a 1-2 dollars per picture.

How to sign up on this website?

  • You can sign up on this website absolutely free.
  • Follow my all instructions below.
How to make money with shutter stock.


1 step:

  •  First of all, you can search a shutter stock contributor on google and a page will be open with this site.
  • You can get two different options.
  •  Log in or sign up
  • You simply click on sign up for creating a new account.

How to make money with shutter stock.
How to sign in


  • Now, this website page will ask your full name [e.g Gurpreet ]. 
  • after this fill you display name as well you provide in full name and this site will give you a username according to your name.
  • Now fill your official email address on this site and you get a confirmation letter on your email address which you provide.
  • Now choose a unique password for this website and click on I certify that I am 18 years old.

2 Step:

  •   After this task, you can get a notification from the shutter stock contributor on your email address to confirm your account.
  • After confirming your email you can log in your account. Now you can fill email and password then click on I am not a robot.

How to make money with shutter stock.
How to upload the pic


3 step:

  •  Now you can see the different types of options on this website but you can simply click on upload an image
  • Now a new page will be open and import your picture
  • You must be remembered one thing you can upload a picture at least 4-megapixel size. you can upload multiple pictures at once.

How to make money with shutter stock.
Select content

 4 step:

  • Now Upload a picture and click on next. 
  • Now select pic you upload and give a description up to 5 words.
  •  Then select the image category and fill up to seven keywords.
  •  Note one thing you fill only that thing which I tell you do not select anything else.

How to make money with shutter stock.
How to add details


5 step:

  • Your image will be going to review and if approved this will be published in 3 days on their website.

 How to get payment?

  • When you start earning from this website, you can withdraw payment when it reaches to 35 dollars. You need a PayPal account.
  • Follow the below instructions for payment.
How to make money with shutter stock.
How to get paid


  • you can simply click on your profile and you can see an account setting option.
  • simply click on account setting and you can fill the following information.
  • Fill your permanent mailing address including pin code.
  •  provide a phone number.
  • Now choose a payment method to Paypal.
  • Your Paypal email address.
  •  you can withdraw payment when it comes to 35 dollars.
  • At last click to all yes option in the license. 

My opinion about this website.

I already work on this website and I see this website is 100 percent genuine and even thus it is absolutely free for all. On this website, we can easily upload our pics and get money off those pictures. At last, I will say that this website is best for a part-time job. On this site,, everyone can work as a part-time job.


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