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  • How to earn money from Fiverr.com?

  •  In this website, different types of work are available like Data entry, content writing, copy-paste, blog writing and much more. In this site, you can do logo designing, graphic designing and mobiles related work. Today I am going to discuss simple work which can be done by anyone easily. You can do just copy paste and earn money in dollars. You can get work from multiple companies and earn a large chunk of the amount. 

                           What is a fiverr.com

  • Fiverr.com is an international website that provides a marketplace for freelance services. This company is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel and made in 2010 by Micha Kaufman. This platform provides a large number of jobs like graphic design, music and audio, business and lifestyle. This is a popular freelancing site where different types of jobs are available like part-time jobs and full-time jobs.

How you can register on this website?

  • You need some basic thing which is compulsory to register on this website, you need an email address and phone number.
  • Now follow below instruction to register on this website.
How to earn money.

  1. First of all, enter the URL in the browser www.fiverr.com.

  2. Now you can see an interface in a picture of the Fiverr.com website. 

  3. You can see four different categories in the right top corner.

  4. You simply click on the join option.

  5. A page will be open and asked to put your email address.

  6. Then asked for a password and put your all details like full name last name.

  7. After creating an account you got an email.

  8. Now click on the sign-in option.

                How to find work related to your experience. 

    How to earn money.

    How to earn money.


    1. Graphic and design.

    • logo design

    • game design

    • poster design

    • flyer design

      Digital marketing.

      • SEO

      • SEM

      • Email marketing

      • Domain research

Writing and translation.

  • Press releases

  • beta reading

  • website content

  • transcripts

         How to create your profile to find work.

    How to earn money.


  1.  You can see a profile on the top right side.

  2. Click on the profile.


  3. add your all details.

  4. now fill your profile information regarding your work.

               Which option best describes you? 

  • Then you see four options
  • You simply click on a freelancer.
  •  Now click on create a gig.
  •  Click on continue. 
  • Then read information and click on continue.
  • Your profile has been created.
  • You simply put in the description, you want to work as a copy and paste.
  • click on continue.
  • Then a page will be open and ask you which type of work you want to do.
  • Then you select writing and transition.
  • Select sales copy 
  • email copy
  • Then ask you which level you want to work in.

  • You write a beginner.
  • Click on continue.
  • Then ask your linked account.

  • you select any option like facebook or google.
  • Now click on continue.
  • now ask you account security.

    • You can verify by email or phone number.
    • Then click on the finish.
    • Now your profile has been created.
              Click on the finish.

                        How to create a gig?

    1. Enter gig title
    2. Select category
               Now you can get an email regarding work.
  • Account information? 


    • click on profile.
    • select account setting.
    • now click on balance.
    • Then a payment method will be shown after earning.
    • You can choose the Paypal option.

My opinion.

This website is free and 100 genuine websites where we earn money in less time. This website provides too many tasks which make more chances to do work and earn.


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