How we earn 5,00,000 lac rupees per month with ||

How we earn five lac rupees from home by

Hello, my dear friends, everyone wants to earn money in a little time, how it is possible? So today I will tell you about a website where you can make a logo and earn up to 10,000  per logo. Imagine that if you make a 50-100 logo in the month you can earn up to five lac per month. You can design a different type of logo that needs a company and sell them. You can work here as a part-time job and if you are a student or housewife then this platform is best for you. If you are well skilled in this career then you start work or if you are beginner then this website welcomes you most.


This is an international website, which is situated in U.S America. This is the largest website mainly for logo designing. There are too many companies that upload their information to get their logo design according to this. This site is genuine and we can get paid in dollars and we can withdraw with Paypal account.

How to register on this site, I will tell you everything below.

  • Now you can see an interface like this.

How we earn 5,00,000 lac rupees per month with ||

After clicking on the first option you can see the homepage.
Now you can see my account option on the top bar.
How we earn 5,00,000 lac rupees per month with
homepage of

  •  Now simply click on my account option.
  • Now you can enter an email address if you do not have an account yet click on join as a designer.
How we earn 5,00,000 lac rupees per month with
how to register on

  • Now a new page will be open and ask for some information about you.
how to add details in
  •  Now fill your email address.
  • Add your nickname.
  • Enter your Paypal email address.
  • After completing this task a new interface will be open in front of you like this.

  • Now upload two logo samples to this website for approval.
  • Add a description of your two logos.
  • Click on upload my design.


How much money this site provide you per logo?

  • For more details come on the home page.
  • Click on the contest option.
  • Now you can see three options.
  • Select open contests.
How we earn 5,00,000 lac rupees per month with
find a job on

  •    Now you can see too many companies who want to design their logo.
How we earn 5,00,000 lac rupees per month with

  •  You can click on any option to get more detail about the logo.
  • you can submit a logo to that company and earn a large chunk of money.
  • You can get paid in the Paypal method because PayPal is a secure method.

My opinion.

This website is based in the U.S and 100 percent secure website. We can earn up to five lac a month with a simple logo design. This is the largest website were all-day work available for part-time seekers. 


Here you can get a lot of information about part-time jobs, full-time jobs, work from home and freelancer. I always find new websites where everyone can earn up to 40,000 to 5,00,000 per month by staying at home. Well, here you can deal with Indian companies as well as international websites.


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