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       How to earn from

Clickworker is an international platform where we can earn money with micro-jobs. This site gives work different types of work like Data entry, writing, and copy content. You can find work according to your skills and then start working. You can do data entry and earn money without investing anything. This platform updates new work every day and you can start working on which task you like the most or in you are interested. Here you can do work in different types of language. Clickworker provides too much time to do complete your work with a cool mind.

                            What is

This website is in u.s and it breaks a large task into small tasks and sends to different people who want to work with them. This website is the largest worker website where many people work and earn a large chunk of money. On this site, we can make a video or other project. We can choose own language preference.

Which requirements are important to register on this website?

  • Well, you need some basic things like you have experienced about Data entry, Logo designing, and content writing. You need to register yourself on this website and then you start working.
  • You need a PayPal account to get payment from companies.

                       How to register on this website?

  • You can search Clickworker on google and you can see an interface in the pic.
  • Now click on the first option and the website will be open. 

  • Click on Earn money like clockwork.
  • A new page will be open.
  • Scroll down and you see two options.

  • Select sign up option. 
  • Now he asks to select your country.

  • Now fill all this information in this picture according to yourself.
  1. First name.
  2. last name.
  3. You can skip the title and company name if you want.
  4. Add the date of birth.
  5. now enter a street name.
  6. zip code.
  7. city.
  8. your email address
  9. password
  10. time zone and sign up.

                                      How to find a job???

After completing all tasks simply confirm your account by email you provided.

  • Click on the link below and activate your account.
  • now simply complete your profile by adding skills.

  • You can add your own language like Punjabi, Hindi, Marathi and much more.
  • After complete, this form clicks on the home option.

  • Now you can see different types of task which you can do.

  • You can upload your own video to make money.

                                     How we get paid?

  • simply click on account detail option on the right top side.

  • Now a new page will be open like this.

Here you can only get your payment via PayPal because this is the fastest way to get money. This is a fully secure method to receive payment.
  • you need a Paypal account to withdraw that payment.
  • you read the instructions carefully.
  • now fill the email id in Paypal option.
  • Click on the save option.

My opinion.

This website is absolutely free and secure. You can work in any field like data entry or much more to earn money. This website has free registration and receives payment from time to time.



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